What does it mean to be an Independent Agent with SIAA?

First, a couple of terms to explain. Independent Insurance Agents have the ability to place business with multiple insurance companies (or “carriers”). We call it access to markets. This differs from Direct Writers, who place business with the carrier they are directly writing for as an Agent. The beauty of having multiple carriers to offer your clients is that you can maximize their coverage for the most competitive rate, which help you write more business and retain them.

The next term is SIAA. SIAA is the Strategic Independent Agents Alliance and was founded in 1983 and is the largest national alliance of Independent Agencies. Here at CIAA (Continental Insurance Agency Alliance) we are the SIAA “touchpoint” for Colorado and Wyoming. At SIAA and CIAA, our primary goal is to help Independent Agents navigate the waters of carrier to offer which yield them the highest commission and profit sharing. And, because of our size and clout, we maximize that income and easily surpass the competition.

Additionally, we offer training, education and other programs to ensure that the agents who join us succeed at the highest levels.

Independence is key. The agents who join us never give up ownership and we are not a franchise system. Instead, our agents own their own business and operate accordingly, yet obtain the tools, resources and benefits to improve success. If we’ve piqued your interest, we encourage you to reach out today.

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