How big does my Agency have to be in order to obtain Profit Sharing with SIAA/CIAA?

Most independent agency companies have minimum thresholds of written premium needed by each agency in order to qualify for Profit Sharing. For example, Company A may require $250,000 in premium before having access to their profit sharing program. That means writing a lot of home insurance, auto insurance, and/or commercial insurance just to get into the program.

At SIAA and CIAA, we offer five avenues to earn Profit Sharing and various incentives that are negotiated both locally and nationally and there is NO minimum premium needed to participate in these deals. That means you earn more, from “day one” as we say. Why wait? Other groups are keeping your profit sharing and incentives for themselves until you qualify. Not us, we pass it along to you with full transparency. Nothing hidden here.

Let’s discuss how these really add up and can benefit your agency when you join us. We are here to help you succeed at the highest levels with more income in your pocket.

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