Trust and Transparency – Who can you believe these days?

We live in a time when there is so much mistrust about what is found on the internet. We have seen so many competitors pop-up recently, trying to do what we do, and then make huge promises to independent agents. Yet what they deliver falls short. Or, they hide behind a curtain and you really can’t see what’s going on with regards to your fees and the potential profit sharing you should be receiving.

If you’re seeking to become an Independent Agency in the Property & Casualty world, you need us. Our Agents reap the benefits of all we have to offer, and they stay put…our retention is solid. We are not trying to “churn and burn” like the other guys. We build relationships that last.

And, we are fully transparent on all profit sharing and additional incentives we bring in and then share with our Agents. Our goal is to amass the largest amount of additional income possible for our agents and share it transparently. With the competitors, you find it hard to really know what they’ve received, yet see their owners buying multi-million dollar homes, cars and yachts…is that their agents’ profit sharing being scooped up by the owners?

We encourage those Direct Writer Agents, Captives, Producers and even established Independent Agents to reach out to us and have a discussion. Let us show you how we can help. There is no better time than the present. Put our powerful tools, resources, markets and benefits to work for you as you build your own Independent Agency.

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