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A Path to Independence

How to Evaluate your Independent Agency Options

There are a number of aggregators, clusters, and alliances out there who all claim to be the “right one” for you as you open your Independent Agency.  However, they all seem to alter their business model, ever so slightly, that it makes it very difficult to assess each of them, compare and then make the right decision.

Our “Path to Independence” Guide will uncover the questions to ask and how you can compare one network or affiliation to another.  Of course, we will let you in on what you’ll find…we are unmatched in what we deliver to our Member Agents.  Our tools, resources, partners and benefits are designed to drive your success.

So, whether you are an insurance agency owner seeking to generate more revenue, an experienced producer following your dream of opening your own business, or part of an exclusive agency system and considering independence, this guide will help focus your research and help your decision making process.

In this eBook you will learn the importance of:

  1. Defining your goals – A critical step in the process.  And, you might be surprised how our efforts are focused around reaching your goals and then going far beyond them!
  2. Evaluating services and how they are delivered – What does each offer?  What are the benefits?  Can it be tailored to my agency and my experience level or is it one-size-fits-all.
  3. Insurance company access – Is it “direct” access or shared?  Do I get commissions paid directly from the carrier to my agency?  Or do they make a stop at the aggregator who takes a cut?  Can I meet with the carrier marketing reps to help me learn about that carrier?  Can I interact directly with Underwriters?
  4. Reputation and recommendations – How long has the Alliance been in business?  What is their size?  What is their reputation amongst the carrier partners?  How can all that benefit me?
  5. Profitability and production – CIAA/SIAA notes 5 ways to earn additional income, at a substantial annual increase compared to other groups.  Why is that?  How does that work?  How does it compare?
  6. Contract and agreement structure – Why are certain clauses in place and how do they benefit my agency and its success?

…and more!