Member Benefits

Our advantages…your benefits!

With a CIAA/SIAA affiliation, qualifying agencies will benefit from a wealth of opportunities.  Listed below are just some of the many benefits that our Members realize:

  • Become instantly BIG — SIAA is ranked #1 nationally in the Agency Alliance Category
  • Carrier Access – Partnerships with competitive regional and national insurance companies
  • Compete with larger agencies by having preferred carrier agreements
  • Large account pricing and placement assistance
  • Specialty markets and program opportunities
  • Increase Income and Agency Value
  • Top-Tier, Preferred Commissions
  • Overrides and Growth Bonuses
  • Participate in national SIAA Supplemental Income
  • Reduced fees on Company Service Centers
  • Rating software at discounted prices
  • Agency Management Systems at discounted prices
  • Agency website development at reduced prices
  • Attract quality producers with additional compensation
  • Administration, sales and marketing assistance
  • Mentorship Program to help build a successful agency
  • Access to Training & Education Resources including CE through WebCE
  • Life Insurance programs/professionals that will assist and sell for you
  • Discounts on office supplies and shipping
  • Remain Completely Independent!

To learn more about our approach and how you can benefit from our model, visit our Contact / Inquire page today.

Our Mission

“SIAA is dedicated to the creation, retention, growth and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system.”

We are focused on creating an alliance of independent insurance agencies who want to grow and succeed through collective strength. Our Members benefit from our Alliance to obtain more carrier appointments, top tier commissions, improved bonus structures and insurance resources.

How do you fit in?

  • We have a solution for the following types of agents/agencies:
    • Existing Independent Agent
    • Captive Agent
    • Direct Writer
    • Financial Services Agent
    • Employee Benefits Agent
    • An active producer in an existing agency
    • New to the insurance industry

Contact us today to learn more about our approach and how you can benefit from our model.

Agency Development

We believe in growth. We believe that collaborating with you and sharing our knowledge base will help you grow.

  • If you have an existing agency that is successful, we want to help increase your success.
  • If your agency is new or you are making a move to the Independent Agency world, we want to assist and foster your strong work ethic to reach success.

Some of our Growth and Development Resources

  • Agency Development – Ongoing webinars, resources, tools and information along with a dedicated team to help build your agency
  • Agency Staffing Resources – Tools to help you hire and retain quality talent
  • Training & Learning Center – 24/7/365 Training Modules for the entire agency staff that also includes CE through WebCE
  • Sales Training – Resources to improve interactions and closing percentages
  • SIAA Quick Start – Training modules specifically designed for new agencies
  • Business Insurance Advantage – A program created to help agencies start and/or grow a profitable Commercial Insurance book of business
  • Marketing – SIAA is dedicated to providing cost effective, value-driven marketing solutions exclusively to Member Agencies
  • Website and Mobile Apps – SIAA provides access to inexpensive, quality mobile friendly websites and custom designed mobile apps for your agency

Taking you to that next level is our goal. Having more companies and getting paid more are huge factors, but we also want to share ideas that you can profit from.

Higher Commissions

You will hear us say that when you join us, “you become instantly big”.  One of the benefits of being “big” is that many carriers have different levels of commission compensation for agencies depending on their size and ability to produce.  Because of our size, our members receive the highest, top-tier commissions available. The difference can be substantial to your bottom line.

From time to time, carriers offer incentives for the production in various products.  Our member agencies are eligible for these higher commission levels based on their affiliation with CIAA.  Beyond that, our members are frequently enrolled in contests that allow them to make a per-policy bonus.

Many of our largest carriers have Service Centers that agencies like to utilize. Leveraging our volume, we have negotiated our Service Center cost at a lower rate for most agencies, thus helping you earn more commission.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is an important component of every independent agency’s revenue stream, and a major benefit to our members. We take you to the next level by combining our production so that our partner carriers understand the power of our alliance.

What does this mean to you?  With good, profitable business, existing agencies get a raise.  If you are just starting out, your pay scale has just increased.

Watch this video from SIAA’s EVP/COO for more details.

Here is a breakdown of the five (yes, 5!) available revenue streams.

  • National Profit Sharing – Negotiated at the national SIAA level
  • Local Profit Sharing – Negotiated locally by CIAA
  • National Overrides and Incentives
  • Local Overrides and Incentives
  • Portfolio Incentives – both Guaranteed and Variable, paid quarterly in most cases

Call us today to see how our approach can bring more $$ into your agency.

Expense Savings

Membership has its benefits!

When you are part of the SIAA alliance, you can participate in a national discount program for many of the essential services your agency needs.  Some examples include:

  • Agency Management Systems
    • EZLynx
    • QQ Solutions
    • Hawksoft
    • Applied
    • Nexsure
    • Vertafore
  • Agency Operations
    • Capital Premium Financing
    • Staples – Office supplies
    • FedEx – Overnight shipping
    • Auto Glass Fitters – Service/Repair
    • E&O Coverage
    • Cyber Liability
    • LifeLock Employee Benefits Program
    • Accurate Data Partners – Information security training and documentation solutions
  • Marketing Services
    • Website and Mobile App design
    • LOLA – Cloud-based automated marketing solution
  • Education
    • Web CE
    • Training & Learning Center – 24/7/365 Webinars & Modules on a wide range of topics
  • Agency Efficiency Tools
    • EZLynx – Comparative Rater
    • PeopleSense Consulting – Hiring support, employee assessments, consulting

Helping you build your business by helping you watch the bottom line!